Poverty? Yes it is a Problem.

“Poverty is like an upper story, since the poor take precedency of all” -Polpay

Living in poverty is the state of being extremely poor, unable to eat, shower or have shelter to sleep at night. Poverty has existed since the start of time, countries as such Africa, Europe and China struggle to survive and are inhumane standards of living. Many richer societies like Australia and America are too dependent on their cars and phones being a whole 90% of those countries relying on technology. You would think especially people on their devices, a click away from google would know what is happening to people living in poverty and their daily struggles? But that is where you’re wrong. Human beings are living in poverty and I strongly believe it needs to be eradicated. Living in poverty increases the rate of catching deadly disease from a low immune system, people in these living standards cannot find happiness, and also children in these environments grow-up with a loss of innocence.

People in poverty are suffering health risks because in the conditions they’re living in, like Africa, their immune systems are very low and catching diseases is a walk in the park. If you haven’t already heard of The Matrix or Things We Didn’t See Coming, they show health risks in their poor living standards. The characters in The Matrix are living in a ship underground, they eat sloppy low quality food which Cypher, in a scene says “I’m sick of eating the same food everyday”, they have ripped and over-sized clothing, the characters look unclean and utterly dirty. The positions they’re all in, gives their body low self-defense towards life-threatening diseases, this lifestyle is really much the same in Africa where families are starving and unhygienic. In Things We Didn’t See Coming, Chapter 5 (Uses for Vinegar), the narrator is living at a refugee camp with lots of people who have had their houses burnt down. There is a scene in the book where, the protagonist is going for a shower and as he stands there thinking about his life, he vomits everywhere and struggles to breathe whilst holding himself up, the setting that the narrator is in, is unclean and quite a depressive environment! Another example in Things We Didn’t See Coming that is very similar to the real world of poverty would be Jeph who is the last child of reproduction, as he is the last child, everyone takes care of him, as people are unable to carry a child. Much like the real world, places like Africa, nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to under-nutrition. Under-nutrition puts children at greater risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections, and contributes to delayed recovery. In addition, the interaction between under-nutrition and infection can create a potentially lethal cycle of worsening illness and deteriorating nutritional status. Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life can also lead to stunted growth, which is irreversible and associated with impaired cognitive ability and reduced school and work performance. http://data.unicef.org/nutrition/malnutrition.html In 2014, 23.8 per cent, or just under one in four children under age 5 worldwide had stunted growth. That said, overall trends are positive. Between 1990 and 2014, stunting prevalence globally declined from 39.6 per cent to 23.8 per cent, and the number of children affected fell from 255 million to 159 million. In 2014, just over half of all stunted children lived in Asia and over one-third in Africa. Children are dying! All of this evidence sums up that poverty causes major health issues due to a lack of nutrition and low body functions. Your immune system fights off diseases and common cold, but in the living conditions they are in, a common cold is deadly and they can drop dead any moment. If poverty was eradicated, health risks such as a deadly cold would not be a threat and multiple lives would still be here today.

Secondly, people cannot find happiness living in poverty. We, first world countries believe that happiness is having all the money in the world. As we see in The Matrix, Cypher, who lives with his “inmates” in poverty. He would give up his friends to forget about the life outside of the matrix, to take a pill to forget everything he knows. Cypher talks over the phone to Trinity as he is killing several of his fellow “friends” that “ignorance is bliss”. He states that he would shove that red pill right up Morpheus’ arse, Cypher’s betrayal proves his unhappiness with his coworkers and was enough for him to leave it all behind and forget what the true reality is really like. In Things We Didn’t see Coming, the narrator’s grandparents and the protagonist himself are all living in a shack surviving with the last of the food they have. The setting the story is put in, as they leave their ridge structured  lives of pretending to be rural people, the grandmother returns to her catatonic state. This upsets the grandfather so much that he overdoses himself and the grandmother. Reflecting off these examples, Scientists in the real world have studied a comparison between poor people and rich people and their mental illnesses. According to the new CDC paper, 8.7 percent of people with incomes below the poverty line, or $20,090 for a family of three, reported serious psychological distress from 2009 to 2013. For people with annual incomes at or above four times the poverty line — that’s $80,360 for a family of three — the figure was just 1.2 percent.

n-mental-health-628x314If you want more information go to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/mental-health-coverage_n_7456106 . The Matrix, Things We Didn’t See Coming and the real world all have a connection, they all show poverty as their settings and have included being unhappy with their reality, having a mental disability or diseases, it changes you as a person because you have to live with it. Life threatening mental issues in Cypher, the grandparents and these innocent people living in poverty, all need attention and a better life, they cannot handle how the world is for them. Poverty needs to be eradicated because people are unhappy and committing suicide or doing absolutely anything to help themselves.

Additionally, Children in poverty environments have their innocence taken away from them. In The Matrix, There is a scene where Tank is fending for himself in a battle between Cypher and his brother. He witnesses his own big brother getting shot by the laser beam.  His own innocence in a state of poverty was a solid zero, he had lost his only family member he had left, he lost his own blood. In Things We Didn’t See Coming, Jenna is the daughter of a drunken mother, Liz. As they are waiting for the continuous rain to end, the mother drinks the wine that it held in the cellar of an abandoned house.The 17 year old daughter is taking care of her mother as, the woman cannot take care of herself. The characterization that is put against Jenna, is a very easy girl to read. We can tell she has grown up with a rough childhood from the mother always acting inappropriate, causing Jenna to grow up faster than she has to, to be able to care for her mother. Aissa, 15, lives with her daughter, mother, and her two sisters in a rural area in West Africa’s Burkina Faso. She was 14 when she got pregnant. All she wanted to do before, was go to school and have a good education. Her school teacher asked her repetitively to come in person to show her, her grades. He told her that her grades will be a fail if she doesn’t go. She knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t afford to loss her education. She was then raped and her future was changed forever. She couldn’t afford to keep the child and her schooling at the same time, Aissa had to give up school, her parents kicked her out like it was her fault! What would you do if your daughter was raped? Blame her? In all three examples, the child had their innocence taken away from them because in the state of being poor they have no other choice then to follow along and accept what has happen. They can’t grief, complain or get upset because they are living in a state of hunger and poverty that they must stay strong. Why must humanity be so blind to what is happening to the world?! Today’s kids are so wrapped up on buying the best clothes, best phones and not caring about their own education when they’re kids out there dying for what they want, whether that is food, shelter, clean water, or a goddamn good education. If poverty was eradicated, children could grow up living a regular life, being a child.

Poverty exists still in the 21st century, this NEEDS to be eradicated. Poverty results in living in poor conditions where you look dirty, when you cannot clean yourself because cleansed water does not exist, giving you a low immune system to catch deadly virus or bacteria’s, better yet diseases that will kill you. Poverty can also lower your happiness, due to having a mental state of mind that everything is terrible and it cannot get better. Also children living in poverty have a loss of innocence, everything they want and create gets taken away from them because it gets destroyed or they cannot afford it. What YOU, YES YOU, need to know is poverty is a problem, and it is becoming a major epidemic. What you need to do is be more aware of your actions, you can help those in need, a dollar a day can’t hurt anyone but it does help others. Imagine the amount of lives you’d be saving, imagine the families you have made happy, imagine the kids who will have a proper education and get a great job..  Imagine a world where everyone could grow up happy, educated and healthy. 


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